Perspective and Epiphany

So I was reading this book to Lil S last night.
I read the below lines and turned philosophical.  I was like, wow! One can get inspired anywhere!

Sometimes kids’ books say the most profound words. I kept reading these words again and again, marveling at how much sense they made in the current scenario. The sameness, the boredom of Social Distancing. But there is a window open. Probably of hope. And of knowledge that ‘Nature reigns supreme’. 

And then I looked at the illustration thinking about the emotion on the face of the animal. Somehow it didn’t look bored. It looked ecstatic.  And then I realized that these animals had in fact found an open window to get into, relieving them from the boredom. So that explains the ecstasy.

And then I realized, WITH HORROR, that these animals are bats. Which have escaped. Out of boredom. Into an open window.

The book is called “Bats at the Library”

And if you notice, the author’s name is Brian LIES. 

Needless to say, this epiphany left me quite sleepless last night!

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