How to find your mom!

Lil S just wrote her first story and I am beaming ear to ear. My happiness is mainly due to the following reasons:

1) She is finally turning out to be a chip off the old block (ahem).

2) Among all the positive things happening due to #COVID19 (nature recovering and animals reclaiming what is rightfully theirs), this story goes right to the top.

Now, without holding onto the masterpiece anymore, here you go:

If you can’t read this clearly, here it goes:
“The dinosaur has lost his mom

He can’t find his mother

Than he foned his mother”


Now, if you are done laughing and smiling as I was, for a long time, let’s carry on 🙂

When I asked her to write a moral of the story, she said she had none.

So, on behalf of her, I am going to write a moral for this story. And much like this story, it is pretty simple. 

If you feel you have lost someone, just call them.

PS: Excuse the spelling errors from the 6-year old.

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