The everyday Drama of Life!

The one reason that I have been away is because the husband is travelling again. And that means that I am just barely making it, day by day. The days are crazy without him. By the time I reach office, I feel I have been through a battle. That’s because right after I wake up, I prepare the little one’s bag for the day care. So clothes, diapers, breakfast, lunch, snacks, fruits and the rest of the universe it is. Take a bath and get ready. Then wake her up and begin the tantrums. Some days she wants to laze around on the bed. I have one eye on the clock and the other on her. Then very tactfully I have to coax her out of her stupor because if you have a toddler, you would know, a meltdown is not what you want at the beginning of your day. Follow it up with milk, brush your teeth, potty, bath and dressing up. Each task is as eventful as she can make it. And then a short car ride to the day care later, off she goes to spend her day playing. And off I go, to scramble and punch in my card and start my day with never ending work and boring meetings.

The evenings are no better. I pick her up on my way back home. She is so full of energy after having spent an eventful day with the kids and a nice 3 hour nap in the afternoon. The rest of the evening passes pretty much like the morning. I have an eye on the clock and the other on her. I am mentally counting the minutes to her bed time. You would know what I am saying if you have/ever had a hyper active toddler at home, plus a full time job and minus a husband 🙁

Anyhow, I digressed. A bit too much. The other reason that I haven’t been here is because I have been hooked onto this really cool show that airs on NatGeo called “Air Crash Investigation”.


 As the name suggests, they document air crashes around the world, investigate them and bring them to us in an hour long episode on how they painstakingly built an entire theory of something that happened half way to the moon. You have to see it believe its awesomeness. My husband says I am sadistic because I watch this show. Also because I have always had a phobia of flying, even before the low cost airlines came in and anyone and everyone around us was taking flights. As a child, I always took refuge in the fact that we would hardly ever need to fly. But now, of course the things have changed. I have flown quite frequently in the last few years. The husband is a frequent flier himself. And trust me, it doesn’t help to watch the show. Because I obsess too much about it. Every time I sit on a plane, I remember “that” episode where “so and so” happened. And all thanks to me, the husband has also developed a mild phobia of flying. But all said and done, the show is really awesome. 

The whole technology part on how every single move you take high up in the air has a digital counterpart on the earth is truly mind blowing. Also the way they construct an episode – firstly, how the accident unfolded (in detail), then how the investigation began, the roadblocks, and the clues that led them to the chain of events, is mind blowing. I know it’s a crash and I do feel sad, AND AFRAID! But the series is a must watch! And I’ll tell you what! After watching way too many episodes and crashes and seeing “everything that can go wrong does go wrong”, I have actually lost some of my phobia. Darr ke aage sach mei jeet hai!

PS : Yesterday I finished all the episodes and all the seasons of the show. And hence the time to come up with this post. 🙂





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