Can you define Motherhood?

Before my daughter was born, I knew everything there was to know about a baby. You feed them, bathe them, and entertain them. After she was born, it dawned on me that I actually knew nothing. The day I was discharged from the hospital, the little one was handed over to me. While making an exit, I must have looked pretty normal. But in my head, I was freaking out. “How can they just allow me to walk out of here with a 3 day old baby?” “I hardly know what to do with her” “What if I drop her?” “What if I fail to understand what she wants” were some of the questions bombarding my brain.

After more than a year now, I can safely say, that it was the right thing to do. There is no book that can teach you an iota of what a baby teaches you in a day. And how much ever you learn, there is always room for learning something new every day. Sometimes this newness is exhilarating, which means she’s learnt to say Mamma or taken the first step and sometimes maddening, like the newest word in her vocabulary becomes No. So NO it is for everything 🙁
Anyhow, the point I am trying to drive at is, motherhood is such a wild phenomenon that I cannot even begin to comprehend it. 
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