Collegedunia raises a Crore!

Remember I told you about this website Collegedunia, which is almost like the Wikipedia of education. Remember now? No? Well, you can refresh your memory here.

The latest news is that the company has raised Rs.1 crore ($162,787) in angel funding from MIH-acquired automobile site’s CEO Umang Kumar, along with a bunch of undisclosed investors. So, what’s in it for me, you’d ask. Well, the founder Sahil Chalna informs us, that this money is going to be used for enhancing their technology, operations and marketing. And so, the good part is that for this enhacement, they are planning to add on another 40 employees across their technology, content, call centre and sales departments to the already existing count of 30. This will be happening in the next 6 months. So, there is your chance. Keep a lookout on their website for the updates.

Just over 7 months old, this website is already making its presence felt in the online world. The stats tell us that it is already attracting almost a lakh visitors per month. The company hopes to increase this number to a million. Well, that’s not just going to happen overnight. With their increasing competence, they are planning to add coaching institutes, polytechnic institutes and entrance exams details as well to their already overflowing basket list of details like admission criteria and fee structure, faculty details to hostel fee of over 20000+ colleges across the country. Imagine if you are a college aspirant, and you subscribe to his website with your details like the subjects you are studying and it, in turn, sends you notifications about upcoming exams, emails you sample papers, tips, and counselling advice. Can you even imagine how cool that would be? Collegedunia is definitely going to be your good Samaritan this year.

Well, well, we can’t help but agree with Mr. Chalana’s statement “Collegedunia is a search engine for exams, colleges and courses. But what it plans to become is the Zomato of the education industry”. Truer words haven’t been heard 🙂

And yes, since I am so gung-ho about the good work these guys are doing, I will also be following up on this with a couple of more posts. So be a darling and stay tuned. Until then, you can also stalk these guys at iamwire and Vccircle.


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