The 1 year waali feeling :)

Next week is my little one’s first birthday. As easy as it sounds, it feels as unreal to me. On the outside, we are really excited and pepped up and arranging her first birthday party. But on the inside, I am just freaking out. If I may say so.

Just this time last year, we were impatiently waiting for “something to happen”. Because I was already past my due date, even though  “It can happen anytime now” was what I was hearing since a month. And 1 year already to that day. And what a day it was. I have written about it here. But somehow since yesterday, I can almost feel an excitement building inside of me. Of the D-day approaching. As if something as earth shattering is going to happen again. It’s not. And thank God for that! I have had an experience of labor and child birth once. And I think I am covered for life.

If you are fond of birth stories, read this one. It just reminded of all that I went through too. Minus the epidural and the c-section part 😉 I think I couldn’t do as much justice to my labor story as this woman 😉
I almost got the chills as I remembered my own time and the hours ticking away on the hospital clock during labor. But am so so glad all that amounted to something 🙂

This is her first milestone of the many many to come. I am excited and proud and happy and generally nervous. Of how time is just flying away. I look at her pictures when she was days old, and now. I just can’t seem to place where the time went. And this I feel after having spent most of my year with her (during maternity and vacation)! Imagine what’s going to happen now that I have resumed work and soon after, when she starts going to school!

Anyway, wish us luck for the party. Our first as parents 🙂

16 thoughts on “The 1 year waali feeling :)

  1. Rachna says:

    Wish you a great lifetime ahead with her. She is such a doll. I just adore her pics. It feels like I have almost witnessed her birth and her journey in the past year through the pictures and words that you have shared about her. God bless! I am so envious that you have a girl.

  2. Neha Agarwal says:

    Dear Ghata, Loads of Love and Luck to cute little girl for her first birthday. Everytime I see her pictures, a smile comes to my face. She is so adorable. May God bless her. 🙂
    Congrats to you for giving birth to her.
    Good luck to you and your husband for the first party as parents. Take care!

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