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Do you remember the chaotic time just before our college admissions? I am sure each one of us have lots of stories to tell about that time. There was not much information available online at that time. The only way to know about colleges and their cut offs was either word of mouth or a visit to the college or our newspapers. Everyday was a day of more anxiety and confusion. Would we get past the cut off? If we did, is the college really that good? What is their placement percentage? A ticking clock and tons of unanswered questions.

I recently came to know about this new website Collegedunia.  Pretty much like a education shopping mall. One stop centre for all your college queries. The website was launched last month and provides information of up to 15000 colleges and universities across India. They claim to take that number to 30000 by the end of this year. Good news for all college aspirants out there.

The website is pretty clean in navigation. On the top, you can see all the verticals they provide information about like Engineering, Medical, MBA, Law, Arts, Science etc. Once you select your vertical, you can see a list of all the hundreds of colleges catering to it. You can further boil down to your choice by selecting your preferred city, state and course Information from the left side menu. You can also click on the college to get a lot of details like courses offered, their duration, the fee structure, hostel facilities etc. Phew! I don’t think you would have any questions that this website won’t answer!

Collegedunia looks like a promising upcoming education portal for students and parents alike. You can also follow their blog for latest news on colleges and admission procedures. If you have something to say, do go to the college link and give out a review others can benefit from. If you have nothing to say and are impressed with this information, do share it on your social media. You won’t know who you end up helping!

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