Things Children Teach Us!

We, as parents, think that it is us who teach the children the nuances of life. We go about reading parenting books while we are expecting and smugly think that we won’t be making any of the “mistakes” we think the other parents are making. In our heads, our child is the best behaved, well mannered, widely read and a delightful child. But just the first few days after childbirth makes sure we discard any such thoughts. The advertisements showing a cherubic infant happily suckling away and a mother who looks almost angelic are, well, just adverts. Real life is not like that.

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249 thoughts on “Things Children Teach Us!

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  2. Unknown says:

    No number of books can teach you what parenting as an experience teaches you. It's a new lesson every single moment. But I'm loving it. Failure is multiple, but the small successes are what matters. Isn't it?

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