Birthday 2014!

The birthday this year was way different than I ever imagined it to be.Like last year, it was just the two of us. But unlike last year, it was me and the little one, while the husband is out working on an out-of-India project. This is the second time that he and I have been away on my birthday. Of course, something that I don’t like much.

I have never been much of a birthday-party person, although a vacation is always welcome 🙂 The next best thing is to do something fun and different with the husband, or go out for a movie/lunch/dinner with family. In the last couple of years, we have visited a zoo, attended a stand up comedy show and taken a vacation on my birthday. This year was all about changes. And literally so.

Yesterday, there was normal office work, although I have to mention a couple of things here.
A friend of mine baked a cake for me. Something very special and dear to me as no one has ever baked a cake for me before 😉

It might not look all that tempting….but it was deliciously yummy!!!!!

Then, there were a lot of wishes – 150+ wishes on FB, phone messages, whatsapp messages and phone calls. Even though I did nothing special per se, I did feel special with all the blessings flowing in.
The evening was spent with the princess and that was the cherry on the cake.

I think of all the years, I have grown up the most during the last one year. Went through my pregnancy in a really responsible way (something that I am very proud of). Bringing my daughter in this world in a natural way (to say it was difficult would be an understatement square) 😛 And then when she was just 4 months old, the husband had to go away on work. For 1 month, I stayed all alone with my little one. Easier said than done. Handling the house and the baby without a proper night’s sleep would put any multi tasker to shame!
And then, I had to join office. I have been driving almost a 100 kms on most days to office and back.
Also, I have been doing all the running around for getting our documents, passports and visa done to visit him soon. I think I have never packed in so much action in  the last couple of years as I have in these couple of months.

Leaving you with a picture of the little one wishing me a Happy Birthday. In her own style, of course 😉

“Mommy, sure you want me to do this?” 😉

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  1. Ghata says:

    Thanks rachna. If all goes well, I ll be going to Germany. But seriously, with the kind of roadblocks I have been receiving at every step, I doubt it. But it definitely deserves a separate blog post 😉

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