Breaking The Glass Ceiling

The one fallacy that I have woken up to after becoming a mother is how indifferent the corporate culture is towards working mommies. For all the shout outs about women friendly policies, women empowerment, breaking the glass ceiling etc. the truth is far from rosy.


The ruthless corporate culture expects a woman to deliver a baby, heal, bond, feed, wean and get back to office in 3 months flat. Yes, that is the maternity leave most of the corporates extend to their female employees. In reality, how many of us can adhere to that deadline is anybody’s guess.

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10 thoughts on “Breaking The Glass Ceiling

  1. Basically Blah says:

    There are winds of change now. There are a few corporates that have realised the potential in catering to the needs of new mothers and returning women professionals. is one start-up that is championing the cause of returning women professionals, helping them get back to work or finding them opportunities to juggle both childcare and work. Check it out and I hope it proves helpful for some of you new mommies here!

  2. Roohi Bhatnagar says:

    Its a harsh truth Ghata.. corporates are business.. as long as you can deliver they hire else they fire 🙂
    Just do what suits u.. be happy in what u choose and pray for luck for ur desires 🙂

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