O objects Opulence!

Opulence signifies abundance or excess. Not necessary of wealth.
These are the times of opulence. These days, everyone I know, is living a life of opulence. Too many clothes, no closet space and yet, nothing to wear. Too many shoes, and yet nothing comfortable. Too much to eat, and still hungry for more. You might say I am rich and have a friend circle of rich friends. But as much as I hate to burst your bubble, the truth is that yours truly is not richie rich by any standard measure.

The mantra that we live by these days is ” when in doubt, buy”. We shop all the time. Without rhyme or reason. We feel bored and we go shopping. We are depressed and we go shopping. In urban lingo, it is also referred to as “retail therapy”. I am sure this term was coined by a sales executive to comdition people into believing that the therapy part actually works. A lot of my friends swear by it.  But really, when it comes to real happiness, there’s nothing like an emotional and pysical stress free zone. Anyway, I digress. So the point is we buy stuff all the time. Stuff we don’t need, stuff we don’t have space for and sometimes, stuff, we don’t even have the money for. Long live the credit card!

Remember the times when we were bought new dresses only twice a year? It used to be a big event in our lives. We valued things and money so much more. Children these days are born into a life of opulence. An overflowing closet, loads of toys, gadgets, food. I feel we are denying them that happiness which we experienced. Would they ever know what it feels like to earn a rupee or a tenner for keeping the room and cupboards clean? The joy of receing the dress on turning an year older. The value of hard earned money which we knew because we were happy if we got to celebrate our birthdays with a cake. Children these days demand nothing short of themed birthday parties with matching return gifts to boot. And parents, well, who can deny a child’s wish?

Quite contrary to the theory, I find this compulsive shopping a waste of time, energy and money. I don’t want to buy stuff, then buy more cupboards to store it and then a bigger house to keep it all. I’d better keep the extra money with me and help someone in need. But I am considered quite a miser by friends and family for feeling and behaving that way. But trust me, I am as happier as anyone would be with all her loved ones and friends and family. And I have to go through the lows of my life all by myself. Shopping doesn’t solve anything. If at all it does anything, it adds to space woes and credit limit. And devalues everything.  At the cost of the environment.


36 thoughts on “O objects Opulence!

  1. vasrao@gmail.com says:

    Agree with you.In Mumbai ,buying anything is easy & searching a space to store it is the most difficult thing to do. .I keep wondering, how those who shop non stop , manage to store their things.

  2. Rachna says:

    I guess the redundance of what we consume is really the question. Is it to fulfill boredom, to feel better than others or to show that we have the money? Don't really know but consumerism is on the rise.

  3. JANU says:

    Agree on some points. More than the opulence…there is comparison and showing off. To make a statement that we can afford to…that we are with the times…How we bought the stuff is a whole different issue…along with the usage of it.

  4. Afshan Shaik says:

    U know waht my mom wrote something similar to this today though not exactly on the same lines!
    My bday is coming and when mom asked what u wanna buy , I said let me use what I bought. I strictly decided NO fisoool kharcha this year 🙂 So I feel very connected to this post

  5. Vinodini says:

    Your are not a miser rather I would say you have a big heart to put others needs before you! Indeed people are hoarding more than required these days.Your perspective is valid.

  6. Unknown says:

    I agree with you. There is too much opulence around and we are careless about a lot of spending but I also believe we can still inculcate financial values in our kids. It is never too late.:)

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