G grasps Grammar!

There are two types of people in this world. People who don’t write and people who are bloggers/writers/authors. Most of you reading this, save a few belong to the second category. We all write because we have something to say. Or maybe, a lot to say. We have an opinion on everything. Some of us think alike, while others may have contrasting views. But what really differentiates each of us from the other are our writing styles.

The content that we churn out each day is a combination of our thought process and the command over the language in which we write. The point is how well we can put our thoughts on paper. Now, most of the bloggers I know and read are creative people and have a lot of ideas and thoughts and opinions about anything and everything under the sun. But. The similarity ends there. There are a lot of people I read who have a lot of grammar issues. And quite frankly for me, all the beauty of your thoughts takes a walk because wrong grammar just kills the whole essence. It’s like one of those “Mata ke bhajans” that are sung on popular Bollywood numbers. Good intention but bad presentation.

This debate has long been to death. And I have also heard a lot of people say that writing should not be held by barriers of language or grammar. Creativity is all that matters. They might be right in their own way. But for me, wrong grammar makes “Let’s eat, grandpa” into “Let’s eat grandpa”. And I don’t like grammar killing the grandpa 😉

Am I a grammar Nazi? I think yes. I am also one of those girls who are completely put off by wrong grammar. I am also one of those girls who silently corrects people’s grammar while reading and talking !!

By the way, did you know that March 4 is celebrated as National Grammar Day? How lame! Pretty much like celebrating Woman’s day once a year. Occasions defniitely worth celebrating every single day of our lives…isn’t it?

73 thoughts on “G grasps Grammar!

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  4. Wendy says:

    Grammar Police checking in! I do not understand why it's so difficult for people to slow down and think through it's/its, their/they're/there, your/you're. Everyone knows the problems with these pairs. Anyone who memorized the multiplication tables should be able to memorize these words and rules for usage. Grammar errors in a blog don't bother me nearly as much as the errors from our news anchors. People in the communications business should know better.
    ~Visiting from A to Z

  5. Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar says:

    Ghata, I was nodding all through this copy. I too find myself editing what people say. In fact, I edit menus too. As far as I am concerned, if you have something good to say, but don't say it in perfect English, it's a job half-done. And half-done is not good enough.

  6. Shail says:

    I hear you loud and clear. Like you, I insist on silently correcting sentences while reading. I hate to read posts full of grammar mistakes. But what I normally see is people praising the writer/blogger for a well-written post when it is awfully inadequate. I wonder if they are making fun of the person. Or is it that they want them to remain poor in grammar while they are good at it? Makes you think what the motives could be of those who sing praise of writing that is obviously poor..

  7. Chapters From My Life says:

    I recently went through a blog written by a child, in all his childish language and loved it more than any highly grammatically correct literature I have ever read. Like I said earlier to Janaki. I don't give a damn to grammar if the topic is good. I don't mind making grammatical mistakes in English, because it is not my mother tongue. People have right to express themselves, even if they are not well versed in 'English' language. Blogging is about self expression. Also, it depends upon what you are blogging about. There go my 2 cents 😉

  8. Vinay Leo R. says:

    I think small errors which do not really affect what the person means to say, that's okay. No one is grammar perfect. but errors that kill grandpa etc. kill grammar (and English too). that can't be ignored. if it stands out, then it needs correction..

  9. Romi says:

    Hi. I find your post interesting, especially because I have been studying English as a foreign language, consciously learning its grammatical rules. When I write and speak in English, I try to be as grammatically correct as possible, which is often stressful. I think good grammar is important to make ourselves understood correctly. (I hope my comment is grammatically correct.)


  10. Afshan Shaik says:

    Sometimes if the post is highly creative I ignore but at times I stop reading the post and at times I do blunders too. Usually am cautious and proof read it 100 times 😀

    I laughed loud reading this — "Mata ke bhajans" that are sung on popular Bollywood numbers. Good intention but bad presentation.

    A good fun post. One should surely lay more emphasis on language and Grammar

  11. Hrishi says:

    I can manage with some amount of grammatical errors, knowing very well that even I make some myself.. However when people who have studied the language for years cannot use you're/your or their/there/they're and such correctly.. ugggh

  12. Roshni says:

    I have long since learned to close my eyes to typos in blogs because I prefer to read about the ideas, as you mention! But, when I see a published book with typos and grammar mistakes in them, it definitely puts me off!!

  13. Arpita’s thoughts says:

    Ghata, I share this Nazism with you. I am a silent Nazist. There is no need to do a Wren and Martin to be grammatical correct, isn't it? It's correct application of common sense. Grandpa will not die!! 🙂

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