D decodes Dream Diary!

I have always wanted to write about my dreams. No, not the high flying ambitious kinds. But the one that take us to wonderland. I have weird dreams all the time. I guess that’s because I am a very light sleeper, to the extent of being an insomniac. Also, I have this habit of reading and watching TV right before I go to bed. What do they say about the relation between subconscious min and the dreams?

When I was younger, I always saw dreams where I was falling…sometimes from an airplane, sometimes from a really tall building. Many many years later I realized that they stemmed from my phobia of altitude. Then once, I read about a news item where a kid had drowned in an open manhole while returning home from school. I had many drowning dreams after this episode. I also have water phobia 🙁

But I had some really funny ones too. Once I had a dream where, as usual I was fussing over food. And then my mom threatened me that if I didn’t comply, she would send me to fight the India Pakistan war. In the next scene, I am at the terrace of my house, all alone from India’s side and there are 3 other Pak soldiers. In the end, I was stabbed to death. Lol. But I really end up laughing every time I remember this joke.

There’s another technical dream (for people who understand HTML). In my dream I wasn’t able to sleep and kept wondering why, even though I was quite sleepy. After a lot of troubleshooti g, I found out that I had not closed the sleep tag correctly, syntax error,you see {sleep} {sleep} 😀

Everytime I see a funny /dramatic dream, I want to write it down. I want to maintain a dream diary, but I am just too lazy for it. Do you have a dream diary?


35 thoughts on “D decodes Dream Diary!

  1. Pooja Abhay says:

    I once dreamt that I was writing my English exam in a bus stand. Next, I dreamt, my dog was talking to me. I have a habit of kicking in my sleep, all thanks to my dreams. I once told tables in my sleep. 😛

  2. Roshni says:

    I loved the one about the syntax error!! Did you hear about the one of the scientist (Keck?!) who proposed the benzene ring structure when he dreamed about snakes grabbing their own tails?!

  3. Karan Shah says:

    hahahahahaha I was ROFL over syntax error (reminded school days), always fumbled at the last moment and there it used to pop up – syntax error. Ind-Pak was also cool 😀

  4. Afshan Shaik says:

    Tell me that sleep tag happened during infy training days coz I had similar dreams. Function not closing
    try catch blocks etc 😛
    I HAV ALL Weird dreams too . Once in my dream Imran was aravind swamy and me madhubala who went in disguise to save him from terrorists 🙁 may be I saw roja a day before 😀

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don't have a dream diary but I too have vertigo. For years I too dreamt that I am falling off… that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach? S.C.A.R.Y.!!


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