C for Chivalry

Chivalry refers to the courteous behavior extended by men, especially towards women. It is a custom followed from the medieval times. Back in the day, it was easy for a man to be courteous. Women were homemakers and always had to fall back on the men to bring in food, love and security to the house.

Times have changed, and so have the equations of men and women in our society. At least in the urban jungles. Women earn their own money, drive their own cars and there is nothing for which they have to depend on the men. Men and women no longer get married to procreate. And that is where, this whole generation is confused about whether chivalry is acceptable or not.

While the women may be independent and all that, they are still trying to break through the glass ceiling when it comes to dealing with men in the real world. And because of that, most of the women find it presumptuous or even hypocritical to accept any kind of chivalry from the men. To accept a man’s offer to drop her home late at night might expose her physical vulnerability as a woman. And so the woman carries on alone, albeit unsafe. To make it in a man’s world.

Some men have been rejected and often ridiculed by women at their acts of chivalry that the men completely swear off them now. I don’t disagree with them. And I do believe there are a few good men out there.

Ladies, my point is, by accepting a ride back home (assuming you will be safe) is not a weakness on your part. It is an underlying societal menace. And anything that keeps you safe is worth it. And the men, who offer ladies their seats, open the door, pull out their chairs, you rock guys! We have a very few of your species left. Make sure to woo the girls, true chivalry and all, and spread the love around. God knows we need it.

Chivalry is Cool 🙂 

201 thoughts on “C for Chivalry

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  2. Unknown says:

    As a member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms (we recreate the Middle Ages) I can tell you one of the appeals is the chance to experience chivalrous behavior on the part of everyone. (Watching people get bashed with swords is fun too!) When I'm out in the "real" world, I hold doors for the person with packages. I like it when young people give up their seats on the bus for me, but I give mine up for the disabled or moms with young kids. Its really about treating everyone with courtesy.

  3. Pooja Abhay says:

    Reminds me of an incident when my husband(a prospective match back then) wanted to drop me home after we had met for coffee. It was around 10 in the night and I profusely refused, because back then, like in most arranged marriages, I was only meeting him to see if we had a future together. We got back to our respective homes and both got scolded. He for not having insisted enough and me for refusing the offer at the time. Poor guy, he must have asked a million times. This was when I got confused. To prove that I could take care of myself, I went back home alone. It was the longest auto ride I had I guess. I was so scared, because the ride back home was anything but safe. I now know I was wrong.

  4. Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar says:

    I think chivalry in this day and age needs to be reinterpreted to mean opening doors and offering seats to all those that need it, not just women. The elderly, those carrying babies, pregnant women, and the sick could all do with a little help. And the rest of us too, when we are tired.

  5. Karan Shah says:

    as they say why it takes so many attempts and a million sperms to consummate, simple women – rejection without reason 😛

    on a serious note I agree that this Chivalrous species may be way too less in numbers but wherever they exist they surely rock!!!

  6. Prasanna Rao says:

    Chivalrous men? They are an extinct species like the dodo 🙂 But seriously if a man is chivalrous sometimes its fine but if he offers to pay the bill every time then it makes me uncomfortable, except maybe if the man was my husband 😉

  7. Rachna says:

    I don't know whether chivalry is cool or not but I like courteous behaviour. I also open doors for others irrespective of their gender, and I like when people show me the same courtesy. As far as dropping back home at night is concerned, I take that as care and concern and welcome it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A good example of chivalry in literature is the behavior of Sir Gawain in the book "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it. It's older, and it's a poem, but it's pretty good.

    I think my experience is such that my politeness is mistaken as chivalry sometimes. I just like treating people well.

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