Just arrived!

So  I have been away from the blog for the longest time now. But not without reason. Yours truly has been blessed with an adorable little brat, a baby girl recently.

The past 3 weeks have been nothing short of a blurry roller coaster ride. No matter how many people tell you that once the little one arrives, a good night’s sleep is going to be a luxury, you still get the full hang of every word uttered by the experienced only once you go through it yourself. It is pretty much like delivering a child. No matter how much you read about it or how many videos you watch, the pain, agony and ecstasy related with child birth is unique and understood only when experienced. 

This blog may turn into a mommy blog for sometime, so you gotta bear the susu potty stories for a little while 😉 Do pretend to enjoy them 😛

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