A Successful Failure?

I have read and heard a lot about how people change once they achieve success in their lives. And the one thought that always came back was Why? Why couldn’t people go on working with the same grit and enthusiasm as before? Why did they have to become arrogant and over-confident? Wasn’t all the adulation and fame coming their way enough to keep their morale up? Can we really call it Success when it’s actually the first step towards a disaster?


I started blogging when I knew nothing about it and wrote just because I loved doing it. In the past one and a half years, a lot of people came back and said they enjoyed my writing. I couldn’t have been happier that what I thought was crap or something that was special only to me did ring a bell with other people too. I continued to do this till some time ago. Sorry if I sound like I am gloating, but believe me, right now that’s the last thing I am up to. My horizons expanded after I took up blogging – I have met some amazing like minded people, got opportunities to do things that I hadn’t ever done before like book reviews, product reviews, going to blogger meets, participating in online contests and actually winning stuff – you know…lots of new things in a short span of time. It kind of became a vicious circle. People liking my work and myself getting opportunities for new stuff, in turn making newer people to contact me for their pleasantries and acknowledgement. I wouldn’t say I am not happy with this arrangement. In fact it has instilled a lot of confidence in me to go ahead and follow my dream of being a writer and the best one at that! But you know, success, however small, does go to your head.

I have taken up so much work that a procrastinator like me can ever hope to finish. And that’s because I thought I could do everything. Not that I doubt my capabilities, but I did kind of overestimate myself. I also started writing less on the blog, concentrating more on the other opportunities I was getting. I would be too judgmental if I said I was lured by money, but it was just the beginning of what could be something in that direction. But today I was thinking about the umpteen number of things that I have experienced in these past few weeks and that I never wrote on the blog about. Because I never got the time. Or I was too busy pursuing other opportunities. And it was then that I realized why only a few people in this world can keep a sane head and not let their success go to their head or affect their work negatively. Sometimes I really wish I blogged anonymously :-

 I never thought I would ever sideline my love for blogging for anything. But apparently I did. And I feel worse for it. And then it dawned on me that people who do behave weird after getting famous don’t really ask for it. Maybe the change comes over so gradually they don’t even notice. And by the time they do, it’s really late. So may be all that’s required to be successful in life, apart from a little talent and sincerity, is the ability to realize when the change starts coming over and preparing yourself to not let it affect you. And now that I have decided to return to my first love with a vengeance, be ready to be mesmerized all over again! 🙂 And some days later, if you do find an anonymous blogger who sounds like me, humor me ;-))

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168 thoughts on “A Successful Failure?

  1. Kally says:

    hehe..you sound like as if u ditched someone and then ranting on it!! Chill…..we all love your blog and we come for ur rants and views and your opinion on things!!!

    We all know we are lazy…and we got other priorities in life which will make us ignore our blog..but then…its not that we totally start ignoring…we do come back! and after all only we can take advantage of our own blog…

    //And some days later, if you do find an anonymous blogger who sounds like me, humor me ;-))
    Aahaa!! so much plans u have!! 😉

  2. Ghata says:

    You are so right Manjulika…..because of what I thought I would like to do…i actually found out what I really liked…Thank you so much for dropping by and your kind words 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    This one is straight from the heart.. In fact we all go through it many a times in life but I would say its for the good.. Until you explore your horizons, you wouldn't know where your heart lies and this brings out the best in you…
    Keep writing!!!

  4. Unknown says:

    It hasn't been too long since I have started reading your blog….but I keep coming back to it because of the sheer quality of your writing…
    Lets not count the amount of time you spend towards your blog…lets just concentrate on the fact that when you do…you do a brilliant job…

    So don't be soo harsh on yourself…:)
    Just keep writing….because you are really good at it 🙂

  5. Saru Singhal says:

    I don't think success has gone into your head. With limited time, we have to set our priorities. And of course, we get lured by things which have monetary connotations. We are humans and good at it…;)

    About being a writer and good at it, you are doing it, it's just that you have to broaden your reach. BTW, it will happen eventually.

    Keep writing and we will keep reading 🙂

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