Hur Hur Indiblogger !!

I am back. No, not from the ashes, but from the biggest blogger meet Delhi has ever seen – The Spice Indiblogger Meet, held yesterday at The Park, CP, New Delhi. Excuse me for my jokes, but I am particularly high ever since. Now before I start rambling again, let me start with the Dove Indiblogger Meet that happened in the morning, right before the Spic(y) one! 😉

The morning started with a round of hair-raising introductions and some of the silky smooth and the curly-bouncy ones got free Dove vouchers! Then we had a stand up, supposedly, “comedy” act by the super talented actress Shivani. I mean, I like her immensely as an actor, but whoever wrote her script yesterday should be forced to attend the highly informative sessions by Dr. Rohini for 2 hours at a stretch 😛

Actress Shivani trying to humor us with her hairy tales!


Although I have to admit that the doctor did cover a lot of issues
regarding our hair and hair problems! The best part about this meet
was that it ended with us getting some awesome Dove hampers. 😉

Since the Dove meet was an all women meet, the crowd began to swell towards the latter part of the day for the Spice Bloggers Meet. And then, ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath – In walked the Gadget Guru himself, Mr. Rajiv Makhni to a thunderous applause and an ear deafening Hur-Hur chant!! And after that, nobody looked back. Quite literally. The charming man had us in splits almost the entire time with his impeccable wit and intelligence.

Mr. Makhni cracking us up with his wit !

Since I too managed to impress him a bit, I was gifted the Spice M-6800 Flo phone and I could have swooned, if only I didn’t want any chance of loosing it. 😛


The Indiblogger team pampered us with some amazing lunch, awesome tea/coffee, cookies and a lip smacking dinner. What more could a blogger have asked for? 😀

I made some new friends this time, met up the friends I had acquired the last time and also finally managed to speak to one of my fav bloggers, the beautiful IHM. What a gem of a lady she is. Had the most amazing time speaking to her.

The day ended with a room of roaring people, as Rajiv made sure everyone clung to the edge of their seats till the end of the meet, with his two cents on Android security and a very very interesting gadget quiz. And I have to say that Rajiv is just the kind of Makhni Dal I would like to have delivered again and again !! ;-))

Hoping to see all you beautiful and handsome bloggers again. Until then keep reading and keep blogging! Hur Hur Hur Hur Hur !!!!! :-D:-D

6 thoughts on “Hur Hur Indiblogger !!

  1. Kally says:

    //I am back. No, not from the ashes, but from the biggest blogger meet Delhi has ever seen

    I can see I can see the excitement!! 🙂 Attending bloggers meet has always been fun….meeting new ppl and befriending them!!! 🙂

    and the best part…u won a mobile!! Yay!! Congratz!! and we can see how he swept of all u girls with his wit n looks!! uff uff!! 😛

    //Hoping to see all you beautiful and handsome bloggers again.
    Dekha? See see…ab pata chal gaya!!! 😛

    Seems u had tons of fun!!!


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