It’s your move, Wordfreak!

It’s your move, Wordfreak! is a story of today’s times, where people spend a majority of their waking hours in a virtual world under a fantasy-driven pseudo name. Alisha Menon aka Worddiva and Aryan Rajaram Chawla aka Wordfreak are just that. That is, after their working hours. Alisha is a successful divorce lawyer, while Aryan is an architect who specializes in building eco-friendly homes to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint. Both of them come from broken homes, albeit different circumstances and so have obvious commitment and relationship issues. But the inevitable happens when these two discover each other at an online game of Scrabble. And the rest as they say is history.

The author, Falguni Kothari takes you on a romantic, (sometimes even erotic) journey of the love of two strangers, virtual mates who not only discover their love for each other, but also overcome their commitment phobias and defy all that other people ever thought about them, to be with each other. She spins quite a realistic tale here with Alisha being skeptical about too-good-to-be-true Aryan and his Greek god looks, while Aryan who finally says his “I love you” to the girl he loves, but still cannot bring himself to reveal his traumatic childhood to her.
Diya is Alisha’s best pal and is quite a character too. Being a model, she makes sure that her tomboyish friend is never out of style when she has to meet Aryan or his family. She loves to gossip and discusses every shred of a detail of Aryan’s relationship with her, including their sex life 😉 Then there is Valima, who is Alisha’s maid but doesn’t quite approve of young people dating and getting away on the weekends together! There are various other people in their lives like Alisha’s mom, MT, Alisha’s boss, Aryan’s uncle, grandmother, dad, his second wife and kids, but none as interesting as Diya or Valima, although they do help a lot in taking the story forward.
Alisha’s and Aryan’s courtship is electric from the beginning, what with they being complete strangers and already having a backup plan to dump each other before the first date. They have spent quite a lot of time in knowing each other during the online games, and so once they meet, they relationship moves forward in leaps and bounds. There is a lot sexual tension in the air which the two of them keep denying, until Aryan invites Alisha to spend a weekend with her. Finally, all the suppressed passion comes to the fore and Falguni here brings you the details of their frenzied and wild love making. Quite as much 😛
It’s all going good between them until the skeletons from Aryan’s closet stumble out to haunt him. Alisha still doesn’t have a clue and when Aryan suddenly disappears after a small tiff between them, she thinks that Aryan has decided to dump her. And from there, the book quite turns into a Bollywood story with Alisha going to London and discovering about Aryan’s past. And then like the perfect girlfriend, she helps him to come out from the denial that he is living in, into accepting the truth, and to finally come to peace with his past.
The book is quite fast paced and characters very modern, that everyone can identify with.
But I would have loved to read about some of their witty Scrabble games, from where the love story started. The words “Wordfreak” and “Worddiva” quite bring out the Scrabble-r in me, and would have loved to read about a love story that started a little hatke as opposed to the typical “love at first sight”. The concept was very unique but not quite exploited to its maximum! That’s one place where I, for sure, felt disappointed.
Otherwise, the book is a light hearted fiction that has love, drama, action, tears and lots of passion! Even though I wouldn’t say it’s a must read, but if you like the Chick Lit genre, grab your copy today! A perfect read for a 2-3 hour flight/train journey!

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