Him and Her – Part IV

She is in the happiest phase of her life. Probably, He too. But perhaps, she can never be too sure.

She’s learnt the truth of “Never say never” the hard way. Like never wanting to step into the kitchen. Like not wanting a bedroom which smelled like a fart-zone. Like never imagining she could be this happy.

Just like amateur drivers, she and he had experienced the initial thuds and shocks while manuvering their life together. But they were, perhaps, fast learners. Or maybe, being with each other had made them very instinctive about each other and their needs. Or maybe it was Love. It could still be there. Lying crumpled and unfelt under layers of expectations, and lost in the everyday routine of office and house work and trying to catch up with too many things at the same time.

After that inital mayhem, they were looking ahead at wide clean roads, without a bump.
They had the license (to love). They had a life together which they could take anywhere they wanted. And they were happy driving it.

H: (putting a hand around her waist) When are you planning to get rid of those love handles?
S:  (sarcastically) Never! If I can help it. I need to have anything that remotely spells L-O-V-E.
H: (crooked smile) So I guess I have to get used to loving so much more of you.
S: wink wink!

And, they looked at the long, wide road ahead of them.
This was one long bump-free ride they wished would never end.

PS: So long till the next ‘speed-breaker’ ;-))

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