An year older, and a better writer ??

I have been eating, sleeping and breathing office for the past 3 weeks or so. So much work that it has gotten inside my system and my arteries and veins that I haven’t been able to write ANYthing.
A ficitoanl story that I started, the MOM of the HP Delhi Indiblogger meet, all lie dormant in my Drafts folder waiting to be rescued, to be adorned with a few good words, topped with a mind blowing story and finished off with an amazing twist. But that remains at that. Nothing like that seems possible to me, atleast for now.

But I just remembered, that today was the day I created ny blog and wrote my first ever blog post here.
One year on, I have been engaged, married, been on numerous trips and have interacted and met soo many of you. Its been such an amazing and fulfilling journey so far. Who says blogging is all about being monotonous and sitting and typing in front of your computer? I am loving every bit of it. And missing every bit of it too.

Close to 5000 views on the blog and 21 ardent followers, I think I have not done so bad for myself, even if not mind blowing..isn’t it?
And how could I forget, I have been awarded too, by a very dear friend. 🙂

It feels good to own this little known part of the virtual blogosphere, where I say what I want to. Without having to think about what others would feel. And you guys make it the best place by just being there. Always. With mind riveting stories, LOLing posts, insightful reads and a whole lot of talent still lying dormant with in all of us. Wishing us all togetherness in Our space for a long, long time to come. Cheers!

27 thoughts on “An year older, and a better writer ??

  1. Kally says:

    Ohh so this Blogger cribber queen completes one year in this blogosphere!!! 🙂

    And yeah summing the happenings of the meet is lil' time consuming that too wen it needs to be spiced up with words and things….and it becomes more difficult wen u have loads of work!!! Pls do bring those written pieces in drafts to this blog live!!

    //A ficitoanl story that I started….
    dheere dheere yaar….guess u were in hurry wen u posted this!!! Fictioanl it seems!! 😛

    And yeah amidst all this u were awarded too!! 😉 hehe….May u get more such awards!!

    Congratz for 1 year completion & wishing u to scale more years in blogging!!!

    //An year older, and a better writer ??
    Definitely, we grow with the blogs both physically and intellectually!!! 🙂

    Cheers Ghata!!!

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