Poll khul gyi – II

So, it’s that time again. When I declare the findings of my poll and dissect it with my bare hands to come to a logical conclusion about what you guys really think about the question in question!
Your vote matters !
 I am as aghast about the findings of the recent two polls as I was last time (You can check it out



After the surprise last time, I was pretty sure I was not gonna be lucky with some interesting poll results the second time around too. But but….You guys never fail to surprise and entertain! A high five to all of you!
Now, whatever happened to my thinking that Marriage was all about emotions and emotional bonding and blah blah…and Infidelity was an extension of people’s lust outside their relationships? The tables have been turned, and yet again.
Of the two, the first poll question was: I think Marriage is (with the following options)
a) An eye opener
b) The license to make love
c) A namesake for societal approval
c) A match in heaven solemnized on Earth
d) A donkey life
e) I don’t believe in the concept of marriage
f) No Comments
And believe it or not, the maximum number of people marked option (b). And the next most voted answer was option (c). So that led me to think that maybe people don’t really care much about the institution of marriage. But ironically enough, the least number of people voted for option (e).
So that kind of makes me conclude that our generation still believes in the institution of marriage, very much, but doesn’t really think that the raging hormones be controlled and saved for the wedding night. In a nutshell, I believe our generation just doesn’t agree with the red tapism associated with the institution of marriage in our culture, where the groom and especially the bride, is expected to be chaste and a virgin until the D-day.
The second poll question was: According to you, which form of Infidelity is worse? (with the following options)
a) Physical
b) Emotional
c) A combination of both
d) Does a one-night stand count as Infidelity?
Hold your breath! And the maximum number of people voted for option (b) and the next most voted option was option (c). That kind of insinuates the fairly ‘free’ nature of our generation, physically. That they might think of forgiving a physically infidel partner than the one who has emotionally lost connect with them. Quite mature I would say! And it does make a lot of sense.
What’s the use of having to keep a tab on your partner 24×7, just to make sure that he is not having any ‘fun’ outside the relationship. The relationship should be strong enough to bring him/her back home, every night, and everyday of your life. And what’s the use of making love to a partner, who at the same time might be fantasizing about the ‘other one’?
I think you get the drift.
I am pretty amazed at the results. After the

first poll

, I thought that maybe the people are still pretty conventional in their thoughts. But no longer. One person was even bold enough to vote for option (d) ;-))

Just imagine !
But I think I can join the dots for all the three questions in retrospective. That our generation is fiercely protective and very serious about their relationships. And that they would leave no stone unturned to keep it alive and kicking ;-))
And yet, at the same time, they are willing to go all out and experiment with their own boundaries.
Hope you guys had as much fun participating and reading the poll results as I had in compiling and writing about them. Do let me know your thoughts on the same.
Arigato Gozaimasu for all your precious time guys and Sayonara until the next time!

47 thoughts on “Poll khul gyi – II

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