Har ek friend zaroori hota hai…But….

Yeah….har ek friend zaroori hota hai…..aur different bi..!!!! There are acquaintances, friends, good friends and best friends (BF). Everyone has all the above described varieties of friends. But tell me…..can you differentiate between two best friends too? I mean, going by the superlative degree of the verb being used here (best), there is supposed to be only one….but all of us do have more than one best friend..don’t we? So, can you choose between them, the better of the best friends, IF you had to?

Even after persistent whines and complaints from S (BF1) that she indeed was better than N (BF2) and that I should acknowledge and say the same, I couldn’t. Till now. I found the idea of classifying friends as good, better, best seemed horrendous to me. Almost like casteism. So down market!

But then on days like these, when my mood-o-meter tracks a sine curve, making me maddeningly happy and depressingly sad at the drop of a hat, I do demand a “Show Up” from BFs. And the one who does, is definitely my BFF (Best Friend Forever :-P)

N and S are as different as chalk and cheese. While N is a little like me, S is a classic case of “Opposites attract”. So while sometimes I enjoy my “I -too-love-this” times with N, at other times, I just tear a page out of S’s life to learn from her awesome attitude. And while “N” just loves the way I write and almost religiously follows my blog, S is a complete cynic who makes sure to ignore my blog as much as she can and reads it only when I shamelessly fling it in her face or make my way to her inbox. So far, S has only commented once on my blog, and no prizes for guessing, the post was about her! So you see….I have the best of both worlds. Ha ! The adulations and cynicism…..
But the problem arises when these two BFs don’t get along well. That’s the sticky wicket that I gotta face. But then, no pain no gain, remember? 😉

N, unfortunately, is out of India right now. So, S has the sole responsibility of humoring me and snatching me out of the clutches of gloom that I am covered in right now. I miss N sorely and I am sure this will make S see red. But kya karein…Dil to baccha hai ji…….
S, I am so waiting for you to call……….and trust me, I didn’t intend the post to sound like an SOS call. 😉

And my lovley blogdosts, I miss you all too…but this is the only way I know of reaching out to you. I hope you guys miss me too (that’s just wishful thinking !!).
Sayonara until the next post !

66 thoughts on “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai…But….

  1. Swetha says:

    m sooo glad i read this post today……else…u knw rest… 🙂
    sweetie…complaining is…how do i say…just me 😛
    but trust me…wud never actually want u to rate anyone…i knw u r dere…and dats all dat matters….
    p.s: i do read ur blogs…not religiously though…but m too lazy to comment most of the times…. 😛

  2. Kally says:

    Sorrie….cudnt comment on ur posts for long as v were shifting house and it took time to settle and get accustomed to things….and no internet connection till v got a new phone connection!!!

    as u said, its really difficult wen 2 BF fight with each other and we stuck in between!!

    Hope u got the call from ur frnds….

    //And my lovley blogdosts,
    ugh ho….!! 🙂 so glad so glad!! Mogambo khush hua!!!! 😀

  3. Unknown says:

    Bawli !!!
    there are 24 more alphabets in english than N and S , u made it obv to the ones that u are writing for them , let me know if they reply.
    Give them a bear hug !! and if they are unmarried beautiful girls ask them to get married like you 😛

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