Happily Diwali..!!!!!

As I told you in my KC special post, that last week was my Rangoli competition and Diwali game stalls. So the big news is that our team won the second prize in the competition and the stalls were a huge success too. The mood was totally jubilant. Here you go with our prize winning Rangoli. Please let me know if you guys like it too.

And like every year, I will be doing a rangoli for my own house too. Will share those pics with you guys too, and soon 🙂
I am sure you all are as busy as I am with the Diwali festivities, shopping for clothes, diyas, gifts and handling the never ending traffic on road.

But it’s that time of the year when celebration and enjoyment is in the air and nobody really minds a little extra time. After all, wouldn’t you feel weird if you found empty roads while going out shopping for Diwali? Almost the same feeling when you are sitting in the examination hall and cursing yourself for having studied the wrong subject ! ;-))

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to wish all of you a very very Happy Diwali. I pray you all have a great and successful year ahead. I pray that you all touch the pinnacles of success that you have always dreamt of.
I pray that there be no more natural disasters or terrorist attacks anywhere in the world. I pray that everybody has food to eat, a decent shelter to live and clothes on their body. I hope that, atleast, tomorrow everyone has a smile on their face.
I pray to God to give us enough strength to achieve all of the above.

AND And and….Guyss..!!!! I am totally against burning fire crackers as it pollutes our already polluted Mother Earth. So, please refrain from bursting crackers, if you can. Also, please Do not drink and drive. You could utilise that money to achieve any of my prayers above. I would be sooo soo happy knowing even if one of you took my advice. Trust me there is no better satisfaction in life than when you give. You have the power to give so much to the society. And on days like this, please do it! Make sure that everyone around you celebrates the festival in its spirit. And has a smile on their face. 🙂

PS: The title of the post is not a typo ;-))

22 thoughts on “Happily Diwali..!!!!!

  1. Rashi says:

    Congratulations on ur first 50 and ur win…. Very well deserved…. :)…
    For all ur prayers… I just wanna say.. Amen…

    Happy Diwali…..

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