A Day to remember…A Day to reckon…..

First things first. This is the first time somebody asked me when I was gonna post next and that she was waiting. Oh My God! Did I just cross that thin line from being just-another-blogger to a celebrity blogger (sorry for the exaggeration guys!!)? But I am just so genuinely happy and excited that I feel like a gargling toddler who has just learnt that he can make some right noises (no pun intended ;-))
I am back after a 5 minute pranayam to soothe my over-dramatic nerves. 😛
So, all that planning and running actually bore fruit. I had an amazing experience celebrating my first Karwa Chauth. This fast is observed by a wife to pray for her husband’s long health. What makes it difficult is that the wife cannot eat or drink till the moon’s out. But what makes it so special is the love and dedication with which women across the world observe this fast. And for the first timers like me, it sure adds dollops of romance in the kindling fire of love.
For the first time, I was actually excited to go hungry for a day! That’s what love does to you. 🙂


 gifted me a diamond pendant for the occasion and boy! Was I over the moon??…Well…no….under it…..waiting for it to be out !! :-))

The day went by quite uneventfully until I started to dress up for the evening pooja. I had got my hands hennaed and donned the most beautiful sari in my closet. And that’s how happy I looked and felt just before breaking my fast.

We were humming “Chaand chupa badal mein” when chanda mama decided to make the grand entry, the show stopper that he is on the Day. Performed the rituals and broke my fast after having water from


. To sum up, it was great !

And now, the reason for the title of the post. I am a big sucker for memories. This month holds a lot of memories for me. I joined my first company on Oct 29,2007 and left it on Oct15,2010. Joined my present company on Oct 18, 2010 and so complete a year today. H and I also complete 8 months of love and fight and fun and crib filled married life. So far so good.
The rest of the week promises to be as fun filled as the past. I have my Rangoli competition in office tomorrow and my game stalls day after. Wish me luck guys. See you later. Lots of love.

8 thoughts on “A Day to remember…A Day to reckon…..

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  2. Rashi says:

    Wow….. A diamond pendant for a day without food n water…. It sure is worth it….

    N thnx for accepting my request….. I wil also b waiting for the pic…..

    N all the best for ur competition n stalls…

  3. Kally says:

    //being just-another-blogger to a celebrity blogger

    Arrey koi isko pakdo na..bahut ud rahi hai..!! 😛 hehe…acha theek hai koi baat nai..some exagerration chalega chalega!!! 😀

    //5 minute pranayam to soothe my over-dramatic nerves
    aaah…this is good…better!! 😉

    //This fast is observed by a wife to pray for her husband's long health
    Ohhh….remembering all those Filmy dialogs!!! 😛

    //H gifted me a diamond pendant for the occasion
    Woowww!! y dont u put up that pic here or atleast in 'Muh-Kitaab' 😀

    and for the dates..so many happenings with the dates and milestones ugh??? Good good Congratz for everything rey..

    // I have my Rangoli competition in office tomorrow and my game stalls day after.

    Nice pic n Saree by the way…!! All geared up for the festive season!!!

    Happy festival & HAppy blogging!!!!

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