Sue me for the Sue-cide ….!!!!!

So according to a new petition in the High Court, (if it is passed) you will no longer be construed as a criminal on attempted suicide. Wow….as if it even was a deterrent earlier.

Come to think of it, it must be the only crime in the world for which you can be punished only if it fails and not if it succeeds. God forbid should anyone succeed.

I wonder who makes these stupid laws.  It’s like saying we will shoot you if you can’t do it right the first time around. Grrrr….

A few days back, I read news that an IIM-Bangalore girl committed suicide because her boyfriend dumped her on Facebook. C’mon girl! What’s wrong with you?  I so wished I had gotten an opportunity to speak to her before she took the extreme step of ending her life. But then, that’s just wishful thinking.

People say that there is Nothing so bad that should prompt anyone to end his/her life. But barring a few cases where people are battling extreme conditions or have just lost the faith to fight out the demons in their life or people who suffer from clinical depression, there are others who should definitely take a light year to think before tightening the noose around their necks.

I had never been able to fathom how people gathered the courage to literally kill themselves over petty issues. But then their mindset would be different from ours. If only they could think as logically. Hundreds of students kill themselves every year over not getting into IITs and IIMs. But the buck just doesn’t there. People in the IITs and IIMs too kill themselves, for low marks, falling prey to ragging or something as un-trivial as a broken relationship. The ones who couldn’t realize their dream of the quintessential IIM would definitely be turning in their graves right now. Imagine their horror if the next grave houses the IIM-B girl. No offense meant, of course.

 On a serious note, people with signs of depression should definitely be treated with respect and not be termed as mental. Our society at large needs to grow up and be made aware about healthy and unhealthy mental living and to be more compassionate about others who seem not as gifted and lucky as us. Remember the “Geet” from “Jab We Met”? Sometimes a little madness and a crappy PJ might just help you save a young precious life.

Keep smiling until the next time πŸ™‚ Ciao

38 thoughts on “Sue me for the Sue-cide ….!!!!!

  1. Ghata says:

    @mcenley: You are right in a way. But people need a helping hand instead of a harsh word when they have already lost all faith.

    Thanks for time as always πŸ™‚

  2. Ghata says:

    @Anonymous: The question of the issue being "petty" is really subjective now. And again depends on each one's mindset. But bringing down the hand of the law on someone who is already distraught enough to think about ending his/her life does not make sense to me. Punishing the "near ones" more so, for they have already lost someone dear and then you want to punish them too.
    Anyway, thanks for ypur precious time and comments. Out thoughts might differ on the issue. But the result expected is the same πŸ™‚

  3. Rahul says:

    I don't think anyone commits or thinks about committing suicide for fun.:-)
    The pain they must be going through must be too much to bear for them.Like you,even I wish that I could just stop suicides from happening by just talking some sense into these unhappy individuals.
    But hell,we can't be everywhere we are needed,can we now?????:-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Those were not the petty issues as explored by you here, it's hard work or life for some one, its love or life for the others but the courage to do that is directly proportional to their mind sets(still those are not petty issues).You can't judge someone mindset by writing and thinking and saying lots what should not be the case here , go and start a revoluion-campaign-advocs-rallies where you can save a person from doing it.By doing so even your wish of meeting a future suicider can come true and probably you can change his/her mind.Coming to suing for the suicide what's wrong in that… it is about putting rules so that atleast person who got some courage knows before doing it that its not a good thing irrespective of the result.Govt should probably start campaigns that if you are going for a suicide ,penalty should be put on the dear ones(virtually).Thinking on those lines remembering the love and affection with your loved ones might stop someone doing the sui-bullshit or probably education on mental living as suggested by you can make a big impact.

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