Him and Her – Part III

He was sound asleep. She lay awake, her eyes fixed at the ceiling. She felt the nothingness she looked at.

She was going down down memory lane. She was remembering their courtship days. What fun and excitement! The thought brought a smile to her lips. And that sudden action jolted her out of her trance, into the real world. She was lying next to her Prince Charming.

But she hadn’t imagined a day like this. When he would turn his back to her and sleep without a worry in the world. And she would have to muffle her sobs in the pillow lest it woke him up. She tried to compare her two lives. She realised they had changed with time. “Or maybe there wasn’t any love ever..!!!”, she remembered what everyone had said when she had told them about her plans of getting married to him.

She alternated in her views if they indeed were right or not. She had loved with all her heart, and that couldn’t be wrong. But it felt like the Love was lost and that did seem wrong.

She accidentally brushed her hand against him. He held it tightly. Like he had always promised.
He turned around to face her.

Hmm….it was her crying indeed…and all the while putting up a brave face.

So he had been only pretending to be asleep.

And a hug was all it took to melt away her fears. There were no rights and wrongs then. Only Love.

PS: Sometimes, we cloud our mind with our insecurities and expectations and just fail to see the Love that God has blessed us with. Next time, whenever that happens, just remember, Love is just a hug away 🙂

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