Flu Flu…Fly Fly…

Sorry guys for disappearing suddenly. Just a couple of things keeping me away like mom’s health, household errands and loads of work in office. Was itching to come back to ‘my space’ but but but. Right now I am in office and supposed to be reading about something that is supposedly urgent. But the itch has got worse and so I am here, typing in the usual crap stuff.
We always know when the flu season starts..right? People in our vicinity…in school, college, office start getting the flu and we know it. But I always wonder about the first person who contracts it. Like how would he/she know that they might be getting the flu because it’s not the flu season yet, as nobody has contracted it? I am saying all this because since morning my eyes have turned a little red, and have a constant irritation and itching too. And I was thinking, “Oh! It’s not the flu season yet.!” Silly me…I think I am the Chosen One this time around to start the red-eye-wear-goggles trend  😛 
It was a sad day yesterday. A bomb blast in the morning and an earthquake in the night. News for me and you. Life changing for people who have been impacted by it. Can’t say or do much except the usual RIPs and blame the Govt. routine, curse the terrorists and go back to work. There will be one fine day when I will be gone like this too. Just like that. Because some maniacs like these fireworks that blow up people or worse, maim them for life.
Life seems nothing more than a hide-and-seek game, where the seeker is Death. One fine day, when I will be conjuring up images of a beautiful future with H, or painting imaginary characters for my book, Death’s gonna come up from behind, catch me unawares and tell me, “Caught YOU!!!!”

5 thoughts on “Flu Flu…Fly Fly…

  1. Ghata says:

    @Kally: Madras eye….hmmm….Conjunctivits also got a Chennai connection 😛

    thnxx *evil grin*
    n dont worry…..i aint thinking about quitting just yet..!!!! :-))

  2. Kally says:

    //Right now I am in office and supposed to be reading about something that is supposedly urgent.
    Arrey wat wer u doing without working?? 😛

    //Oh! It’s not the flu season yet
    We call it 'Madras Eye'…and the conductivities spreads like hell n ppl will b in their goggles!! 😉

    Well that bomb blast news was disheartening…..India has been facing hell lot of issues…Govt need to do something for all everything from corruption to security….

    //Death's gonna come up from behind, catch me unawares and tell me, "Caught YOU!!!!"
    OMG…Ghata…!!! Loved the last para…so so devilish!! Aaah!! *Evil Grin*
    Seeker is death and it’s a hide n seek game..Waah waah waah..watte analogy…!! 😀 And haan…these thoughts r good to be funny…but bad to be serious…hope u r in positive vibes n its too too early to think abt death as a game!! There are lot more games in life to be concentrated on…! 😀 Chillax Ghata!!!

  3. Ghata says:

    @inner-musings: umm….I know….but that's me….Love me or hate me…!!!

    @ShaShanK SheKhaR: well….i think it should convey that being a satirical writer was never my aim in the first place. I just happen to do it sometimes..!!!! And yes, you are right!!! This crap should be taken in like wise spirit…

  4. Shashank Shekhar says:

    You have lost it this time Ghata! It took me reading till phrase "red-eye-wear-goggles" to understand finally that you were talking about Eye-FLU and not some other flu…
    And secondly whats up with your enormously cynical attitude and nihilist thoughts…You are fast becoming more of a naysayer rather than satirical writer!!

  5. inner-musings says:

    Keeping your self grounded is one thing , but thinking of going six feet under is serious problem dear blogger!! Somehow I just do not appreciate sarcasm in "fascination of dying ".
    My consolations to souls departed.May God put some sense instead of instinct.

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