A..A…A….A….AWARD !!!!

Yeah yeah yeah….. I have just been awarded. My First Award.

Its got such an apt pic. The girl sitting with her head down and thinking all crap and being messed up all the time. That’s SO me.

I used to be so envious of other peoples’ awards and used to wistfully stare at them like kids stare at candies. Now that I have my own to show-off, here goes my acceptance speech people 😛

Dear Bloggers around the World,
Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and making me feel that all the crap that I write actually makes some sense. Although I would like to believe otherwise.

Thanks for your appreciation and criticism and reactions and answers. And above everything else, thanks for sparing your precious time.

It is no fun to write if you don’t have people who disagree with your point of view and fight it out with you, or the ones who find your theory amazing and spell out compliments. Its like having your cake and eating it too. For I love to write. All the crap and a little something that makes sense. And getting to meet people who are as passionate about writing as I am.

A special thanks and muaaah to all my “regulars”. Thank you people for keeping up your hopes alive that my pen will indeed chalk out a bestseller one day. And everytime you come back here, you reinforce my faith in my ability too.

Last but not the least, Thank you Kally Sir for bestowing this honour on me. As they say, the First one is always special 😉
This award will be the closest to my heart among all the others that I dream about.

9 thoughts on “A..A…A….A….AWARD !!!!

  1. Kally says:

    Congratz Ghata!!!!

    You deserve it!! Watte overwhelming post u have written for this award…By the way u have still not changed the "Sir" thing…..!!

    Kab change karoge? jaldi karo na…

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