Of Rants, Babbles and some more Crap……

Well, I have been known for venting out my frustration and majorly, ranting on my blog lately. But if you are thinking that I am here to apologize and return to be the good and serious girl/blogger that I am, you are thoroughly mistaken my friend.
I am a woman and I am legally entitled to impulsive mood swings. I am in the middle of one right now and therefore, everything that I am going to puke here should be treated likewise.
I have been blogging at a pretty good frequency for the past few weeks. But you aren’t keeping pace with me guys. I can’t see any of you beautiful ladies and handsome hunks with your invaluable suggestions/compliments in my “Reverberations” box. Now, what fun it is to blog without an audience? Haven’t you all felt that at some point in time? I am missing all you “regulars” (


, inner-musings,








, Arjun) here in the “comment”ary box.

“There is nothing more dreadful to an author (if I dare call myself that) than neglect, compared with which reproach, hatred and opposition are names of happiness”, an apt quote by Dr. Johnson. You get the clue…don’t you?
Lack of work in office is just driving me nuts. Yeah…dats me!! Not that I am a workaholic but still…I hate being free (ALL the b****y time) for almost two weeks. For nothing do they say, β€œIt’s the sad things in life that make you appreciate the good ones” πŸ˜›  Now you know….
I have been piling up kilos by the dozen ever since I got married. And no diet plans working, since I am not following any ;-)) The guilt conscience blames me and taunts me and since I don’t do anything about it, I choose to wallow in self pity. Cut me some slack dude, I say to myself.
Have been finding my luxury in comfort food (read chips, cookies, chocolates).So you see, it has turned into a never-ending vicious circle. And the lazy-bones me in not even trying to break it.
Just imagine. I have become THAT pathetic.
Just watched Rahul Gandhi’s ‘performance’ in the Parliament on the Jan Lokpal issue. Hats off Sir for pulling off that speech with such Γ©lan. I heard some Bollywood A-listers dying to attend your acting workshops <sarcasm overdose>
As Chetan Bhagat said, I also hope one day, somebody does the Chamatkaar-Balaatkar thing in your ‘made-to-order’ speech. I go LOL ROTFOL even thinking about it. ;-))


: Congratulations..!!!! You have just been promoted. From being a friend and then, a good friend, you have officially been added to my “crib-buddies” list. And believe me, it’s a very privileged place to be.

After all these years, today I saw in you the tenacity to bear my persistent whines. And you are alive and kicking butt after listening to me babbling some incoherent stuff about how life is so unfair to the poor me…..;-))
Thanks for bearing with me. And you aptly defined me as the “most satirical cribber” ever. Ha! Like that…Makes for a good punch line…isn’t it?
Peace!!! Until the next time…..

56 thoughts on “Of Rants, Babbles and some more Crap……

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Quite a post πŸ˜€ I was away from writing because I was trying to find some inspiration! Looks Lik I've got it back πŸ™‚

  2. Ghata says:

    @Afshan: yeah yeah yeah…..absolutely understand the sentiment….after a point….its just blogging for the love of it….n we stop waiting for the likes and comments…n yess….ur right that content is better than 390 comments :-))

    thnxx a lot again Afshan, for your time, always.

  3. Afshan Shaik says:

    ha ha ha πŸ™‚ good one Ghata!!!
    let me tell u … i felt like this so many times ..Its just that "i never blogged" and whats with comments!! and people who follow ur blog also dont read it most of the times..keep aside the ones who bump in to it once in a while..Me being a rigorous reader..if i like some thing i instantly comment it ========WITH OUT CONSIDERING THE FACT they visit my profile or not / they read me or not / they like me or not
    Well atleast the blogs which i read or follow i make sure i comment when ever i like some thing provided i have ample of time…Prevly i used to send my Articles / poems / few intellectual posts (well i thought them to be so;) so did many others) to quite a few bloggers! When i saw 0 reaction. I Stopped doing it and realised the real glory is to write and results will follow sooner or later..well am writing just not as a hobby so it may sound like preaching to U!!

    But let me tell u!!!!! This is some thing i really felt abt myself too..

    and i even felt how come crap gets 100 comments and i get 10 :-
    Take infy blogs for instance I see a post

    "Some body proposed to me today" and friends chat in comment thread or whateva but the no of comments makes me dizzy –390!!

    I leave the blog!!

    DO U THINK ITS INTELLECTUAL/ Interesting or to the matter of fact readable atleast ???

    Blogging is some thing which people are doing as soon as they are logging in and also they are also slogging in office…
    ITs no more "the real writing " dear!!!

    But trust me..I liked many posts of urs and commented on few too..
    Even on infy bloggers we exchanged our views..

    Am not regular as i have been busy..Writing ofcourse πŸ™‚ on my blog…:D its just that i dont feel like posting there all the time…! REASON is the same u mentioned…there is no much acknowledgment…but ya when i feel like really sharing some thing i unintentionally post it and feel good if any one react and forget when no one does πŸ˜›

    Thats it!!

    By the way its ok to crib and be pessimistic at times—People who show bright optimisim dont seem trust worthy –well to me;) I Can go on on this but we shall take offline πŸ˜€

  4. Unknown says:

    ALL the b****y time…please explain this.

    Well when i have clicked the like button on FB that should mean i have actually read the content I make a point not to click any like if i dont read the content so I do read each and every post of urs.
    regarding commenting , if i dont hve much time and i guess a one lines must do then i do post a one liner and if i think it wont solve the purpose i just like it and move on/

    And when i have time i will give a detailed review like this.
    On over hyped and over discussed topics i might not comment as i guess Its just waste of time , but i will give my stand on the topic and leave.

    On current affairs and politics you will fond my comments for sure , for cricket i only post a big one , because i myself being a club cricketers and a club owner is deep into cricket.Regarding assholes like Rahul Gandhi i dont waste my words.

    I have been regular to your posts because your posts are being very practical , impartial and picturistic which i have been a fan of.

    You try to use sarcasm which is good.But you are definitely not the queen of that , if compared with ex infy ex blogger like avadutala B which i feel was the king of sarcasm alongt with Kalicharan i guess you might not know ,but i feel when u use sarcasm it should be good.

    i love suger coated sarcasm which i guess you will learn with time.

    rest i guess its enough for the moment.

  5. inner-musings says:

    I get Live feed of all rants and babbles everyday , so this seems like the – old thing!!
    Apart from this your blog has earned respect from all corners.Soon you will be hiding for cover and I will be your "BODYGUARD" . ha this reminds me something!! First day First show ??

  6. Farina says:

    Sarcasm was good…especially abt Rahul Gandhi πŸ˜‰
    As for diet plans…dear I'm trying to diet since the last 4 yrs πŸ˜› if u are able to follow one, kindly share πŸ˜€

  7. Ghata says:

    @Kally: yeahh….it has actually turned into a small post….:-D
    but then, thoda senti kiya tabhi to ye aaya…got to do this often i guess…. πŸ˜› ;-))

    anyways….thnxx a ton for always sparing your time and compliments sir….comments (good or bad) make me happy….looking forward to more of it in the future…..

  8. Kally says:

    Ugh ho…!! Someone is getting very much sentimental of missing ppl and their comments!! πŸ™‚

    Alright Ghata..lemme tell u something…every time I get a notification from Facebook to my Gmail inbox informing me that "Ghata Singhal has posted in Infyblogs…” and some chunks of FB generated URL linking to ur blog , I religiously click the link and land in ur blog and do spend initial 2 minutes to check what it is all about, even if I’m in office and the remaining 10 to 15 mins to read the whole content (Blogspot n other sites r allowed on a quote basis 4 us!) So no worries…I always read ur blog n wats written in ur blog and could empathise ur feelings, emotions & ur intent…

    But wat makes me prevent commenting, is the topic..!! πŸ˜€ I shud tell u that I somehow don’t get any inclination 2wards Politics, Cricket (Yes I DON’T watch it…even for half n hour!), National/International news and other topics which is enough to pass IAS exams πŸ˜€ hehe….many of them have spoken abt it and opin-ed abt it…so I just carry on…that’s d reasn behind u, not finding any of my comments 4 ur letters to congress, team anna, catch 22 situations…Well its simple yaar…only to those which I can relate & empathise, I take time to voice my opins…Its not that I don’t follow such news…I do read papers, watch TV, argue with frnz, forward mails on those hot topics (Recently…ANNA sensations….) Well yea I’m like that….can’t help!!

    Well I see a good frequency and dedication in ur blogging…well β€œGood Job” πŸ™‚ but it’s my sheer laziness to read….and hopelessly lazy to write as well…!!

    //There is nothing more dreadful to an author than neglect…
    Yes yes I understand!!!…sometimes I too feel that….no no v r always there!

    //Lack of work…free times…piling up kilos…comfort foods…
    & so u r in full inertia to write write n write is it?? Hmmm…u hv enough patience rey!! N yeah piling up kilos is another issue in one’s life…thin ppl want to gain weight & normal ppl r afraid of gaining weight & fat ppl want to lose weight….its something wierd!!! πŸ˜€ Keep urself away from those Kurkure, Chocolates etc etc etc…

    //most satirical cribber
    Probably I shud design a award 4 u to b put in ur blog widget….! πŸ™‚

    //I am missing all you "regulars"
    Glad 2 know tht v r being missed….but v never miss u by d way…u r always there in our inbox, reminding us to read everything u write!!

    It was a nice read, do rant and ramble like this…I enjoy reading it!! πŸ˜‰

    Well Ghata…I shud stop here, it’s becoming another small post that can be blogged!! hehe…Keep reverberating!!! We will give "comment"ary!! πŸ™‚

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