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Some stupid things that have been blocking my mind. Need to clear my Cache memory for better sanity.
So people, beware. It’s a no-holds-barred post below. Read at your own risk. ;-))
1) Why do people some think that every question being asked around in 100kms of their vicinity is waiting for their expert opinion? Even if they haven’t heard/understood the question correctly or even if they are not sure about the answer, they will be the first ones to vomit some shit. There’s one such piece in my office. And gosh! Do I hate her..!!!! It seems to me that nobody has ever (like really EVER) told her to shut up..!!!!! Today I reached my wits end and just wanted to slap her….Seriously, some people have that ability to bring out the animal in you. πŸ˜‰
2) I get REALLY irritated when people put up weird status messages (on FB) only to garner attention and the real emotion is nowhere to be found.
One “friend” has this habit of updating her profile with statuses like “Down with viral and cold :(“, “Sinus is troubling me again :(:( “, “Miss you momma, papa”, blah blah. I just want to scream and tear her hair off.
Dude, you know what? You are like, really SiCk and you definitely need medical attention. Period.
As for Momma, Papa, better call them on their mobiles. Oohh Gosh..!!! It just didn’t occur to your before…or did it? <rolling eyes>
And something that irritates even more is, the above statuses garnering umpteen numbers of “likes” and stupid “comments” like get well soon, oohh babbyyy :-((  
Yeaahhhh…. <snarl>
3) I understand that a blog is your personal thing and you can write anything and everything. And again, it’s up to me if I want to spend my time reading it or not. But when you share your blog on a public platform, aren’t you kinda making it open for speculation and criticism?
What really irks me is that some really pathetic blogs (where people don’t even write the basic grammar right) have this huge, almost mind-numbing junta who follows the blog religiously. And for post after post, they will receive 20, 30 and up to 50 comments like wow, u have a writer in you, what a story..!!!!!!!!!
Why is Life soo unfair ????? :O
4) There’s this shop near my house which I frequent for daily stuff like milk, eggs etc. The owners, a brother duo (pot-bellied and overweight) are like, the slowest people on Earth. I think even tortoise would win a race game against them, if they ever decided. I still have my reservations that they would even think about racing, let alone do it.
“Slow as a snail” should be rephrased as “Slower than even a snail” for them. They have to often bear the brunt of my indignation. But boy.!! It doesn’t ruffle a feather on the other side.
Yesterday I wished I could slap them and wake them out of their self imposed slumber.
But but but..!!!! So much for social etiquettes. Sigh, yet again.


and I hardly get 2-3 hours in day to ourselves. And if a fight crops up, the day is gone. You gotta wait for one full day to be back together. “Ye Dooriyaan” sucks….. :-(:-(

PS: Half way through the first year of being married. Already. Just seems like yesterday. Whooaa….time does fly…..sometimes……..I wish it flies today too……….

12 thoughts on “No Title

  1. Ghata says:

    @Anonymous: yeahh….it is amy angle of looking at people when I am frustrated beyond control…. πŸ˜› otherwise i definitely believe that Life is Beautiful… :-))

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, This definitely does not seems like your angle of looking at people? Is that THE STRANGER in you , who wrote it?
    We meet fool sometimes and we are considered fool sometimes, it is all a chemical equation which never let us share the energy with the surrounding atoms known as fools and vice versa.

  3. Ghata says:

    @Kally: yeahh, 2 posts in the last 15days on venting frustration is a lot.
    Thanks a ton for ur unrelenting support, as always…..and for the wishes too πŸ™‚
    As for the title: lol lol……i ll consider for an apt post, for sure ;-))

  4. Kally says:

    Well Ghata….I do regularly read ur posts..some late…but few recent ones I noticed are like u r venting ur rage and disappointments in ur blog…Well, its okay…a blog can b a 'Heat sink' at some point of time!! πŸ™‚

    1) Okay these ppl just do that to show their presence….not bothering abt others!! chuck them..they r just energy drainers!!

    2)Can't help with those ppl….FB has become an addiction and ppl r going mad…wen u feel lonely, a few comment and likes can soothe ppl at times…but if that’s a routine, then its something which needs to be looked upon…Well, one simple rule I follow 'IGNORE' πŸ˜€

    3)Haha…guess u r telling abt this 'localteaparty' tumblr blog…Am I right?? ( If u havent read his posts…pls do give a visit….read all his posts not just the recent one…he writes in a funny English (Guess that’s deliberately made bad to maintain sarcasm and invite readers) I too think sometimes…how cm such writings gain big attention!! Hmmm…

    4) Patience is the Key. But if it’s too testing, throw the lock on his head!!! πŸ˜€ People are of varied types…they belong to one of the types!!!

    5)Hmmm…Husband Wife thingy…I'm still inexperienced in all those fights n things :P…I've heard of things like It all starts in fight and ends in affection thingy…not able to frame the sentence…Well, small fights r okay…but serious long fights r little risky…hehe…anyway Happy Half-niversary!! πŸ˜€

    'Tufaani raaton ka baarish' will b an apt title for this post!! (Since it is from Ghata!! πŸ˜‰ :D)

  5. Ghata says:

    @Gopal: thnx for point 1 and 2 πŸ™‚
    for point 4: can't help it…dats the only shop around…. :-((
    for point 5: lol for your sweet advice :-P;-))

  6. Gopal Singhal says:

    For point 1 and 2-> Strongly agree with you πŸ™‚
    For point 4->please do not visit that shop πŸ˜€
    for point 5->fight is ok sometimes if u get the feeling of "Ye Dooriyaan" but try to avoid it πŸ˜€ lol..

  7. Ghata says:

    @Farina: yes I am….no doubt about that..!!!
    yaa….this post was to get the fog out of the way, to be able to see the good things.
    Thanks for your time girl… πŸ™‚

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