Just another day in my life….when the rain was raining….

Sitting by the window side with a cup of hot tea in hand, I am sure I made a photogenic sight. He came down and sat beside me. One look at me and he knew that I was in one of  ‘those’ moods. Don’t let your horses run wild!! By ‘those’, he meant my philosophical side. And this time, instead of I going into a maze of questions ranging from ‘Does God really exist?’, ‘Why do people have to die?’, ‘What can I do for the country and society?’, he threw a bouncer at me. He said, “Dear, why do people turn philosophical whenever it rains?”.

Boy, now that was a question worth pondering. I am sure all of us have turned philosphical, saintly, spiritual, gone into just one of ‘those’ moods whenever it rains.
What followed was a friendly banter between H and me……..

H: I know, you are in one of your ‘those’ moods today.

I: (smiling) Which one?

H: (trying to mimick me)”Does God really exist?”

I: (sticking out my tongue) Ya. So??? You got any problem with that?

H: No, but I was wondering why you do that whenever it rains. Is there a dictum in the Gita that says that you can make ONLY hay while the sun shimes and spirituality has to wait for a rainy day??

I: (chukling) hahahah…ummm…I don’t know, really, but I do have to give it to you for a good observation.

H: Chalo, finally I got my due recognition. But answer my question first.

I: Even though water falling from the skies is something all of us have seen childhood, but it still seems like a mystery. God’s mystery. I think that is the reason I instantly start talking and thinking about God.

H: Oh my God….Can you like, really stop being so philosophical?? That’s such a sad answer.

I: So you want an interesting answer to your question even if that may not be true??

H: Ya (LOLing)

I: Umm….then I would say its because peacocks dance only when it rains.

H: Hahaha..You know what? That’s because frogs trr trrr only when it rains.

I: (beating him with pillows) You are soo mean.

And then, H scooped me up in his strong arms and we were out in the balcony. Soaking in the rain together.
H: Why do people open their umbrellas on a rainy day when they been praying for the rain for a long time?
I: Dear, why do you always turn philosophical whenever it rains? 😛

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