Him and Her – Part II

She saw the creases on the bed sheet. Her lips curled. But in scornful distaste.
She hated the sight of him sprawled on the bed. At 1 in the afternoon. Unshaven. Unwashed. Tangled in the web of his phone charger, laptop charger and ear phones.
He hadn’t been out of the bed since last night. He was having a gala time with his phone, movies and favorite songs. Unmindful of the seething rage within her.
When she could not take it any longer, she stormed in to the room and him. He blanked out for a second. Regaining composure, he asked her, “What happened to you? Why are you crying?”
She continued sobbing.
There was a deafening silence in the room. A hundred things were simultaneously running in his mind. He tried to pacify her. But she wouldn’t budge. She continued crying and occasionally giving him accusing glances.
He was petrified. Today was not her birthday, not even their anniversary. He scraped his mind with an imaginary coconut scraper. No memory scrapings came out that could feed his curosity.
Seeing him confused and worried, she said with feiry anguish “Baby, you have changed so much…”
Ahh….those famous lines that are a part of every man’s life. Especially post marriage.
“What did I do this time? Or shoud I say, not do?”, he asked irritatingly.
She wiped her tears and shot back, “You were supposed to collect my reports from the doctor last evening”.
“Shit..!!!” , he mentally cursed for bringing this upon himself, “isko bolte hai apne pairon par aap kulhaari maarna”.
“What did you say?”, she asked.
He tried to sound normal, “Nothing. I will go and collect it now.”
Just then, as if struck by lightening, he looked at her. She looked back at him. Their eyes exchanged a few words.
“Just like the old times”,  she would have said.
He cradled her in his arms and she happily sunk in them.
After a long pause, she said, “Congratulations would- be-daddy”.
He felt somebody just boxed his ears. Suddenly, the blood drained from his face. “Ohh !!! And I thought your eyes said otherwise….”, he replied with a dejection in his voice.
She couldn’t believe the magic had vanished. For real. Forever.

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