Nivss, this one is for you..!!!

I am bored. Extremely bored. My best friend from school,


,  has left work to pursue furthur studies.
No, we were not in the same office. It was even better than that. We used to chat everyday through mails, discussing everyday things and events. That way we didn’t need to take out extra time from our already overflowing basket of work to talk and be in touch with each other. That way we were keeping track of each other’s lives and also alleviating ourselves from the morbidness of everyday office work and sometimes the morbidness of the office work that didn’t exist.
But that has changed now. She is no longer at the other end of the PC waiting for my mail. I still send her mails with a faint hope in my heart that maybe, somehow, she will log in (the FB addict that she is) and will reply to my mail. Alas, that was/is not to be.
Babes, I am missing our silly gossips. I am missing our informative exchange of information.  I am missing my confidante. I am missing your valuable advice. And most of all, I am missing being able to take things off me.
I want and I hope and I pray that you not be as busy as you are, and that you do get time to reply to my mails.
Love you sweetheart 🙂

52 thoughts on “Nivss, this one is for you..!!!

  1. N!V says:

    Awww..ghats, I am not that busy but inaccessible to internet..Spending my time with family (showing your pics to my little niece)..I too am missing you and soo want to get back in touch..Hope things favor us once I am in China..Love you too sweetheart..hugsss and muahhhh.. 🙂

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