What’s in a name?

Well….lots if u ask me. Being the bearer of a unique name has its advantages as well as short-comings. I can vouch for it because of my name. Since school I have always kind of got extra attention from new teachers beacuse of my unique name. Most of the people could not pronounce it correctly. As for the others, they always joked about it and asked me what it meant. My name has two weirdly different meanings with no connection to each other watsoever. One has its resemblances with my favorite subjet mathematics. Ghata means ‘minus’ and so people lovingly call me “loss”. The other meaning is what my name actually means. It refers to the black rain carrying clouds. And because of a popular stupid bollywood song, people call me “saawan ki ghata” or irritate me with “hata saawan ki ghata”. Hmmph.
Anyways, but a good name definitely lets people remember you for a longer time. But there are people who use it. Yeah..you got that right. How can somebody use my name to his/her advantage? Lots of guys in college and even after used to strike a conversation with, “You have a very beautiful name. Just like you.” Ggrrrrr…..Had enough of those times. Makes me LOL now.
And the worse nuisances are when people mispronounce your name in a grotesque manner. How can you pronounce Ghata as “gaatha” or “gadhaa” or “gaddha”. EMBARASSING times in school and college. Later on, I made it a point to speak out my name before the teacher even attempted any unintended mockery of me and my name in class.
Well, other than the special attention that your name gets you, you also get to create email IDs without any illogical 01 and 02 appended to your name. Yes, you can check my email ID as well as my blog name. 🙂 That web space definitely makes you feel special.
William Shakespeare said,”What’s in a name?” “Lots of fond memories and unique experiences”,I say.

Ciao until the next time.

16 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Unknown says:

    Even my name is GHATA nd i hve faced d same problem in school nd now m facing it in college. Hardly anyone pronouns it correctly.Bt still vry truly said"wats in a name"

  2. Saru Singhal says:

    When I read your name on Indi, my reaction was the beautiful. I think the poet in me comprehended your name correctly and also because we both sail on the same boat.

    Even after reading my name, people write – Saaru, Charu, Sharu and what not!

    One hilarious post and loved the last line, holds true for me as well.

  3. Kally says:

    Wats my name wats my name..Sheela..Sheela ki jawani…!! 😛 hehe..

    Good one..read this now only…I too thot ghata must be the rain clouds wala meaning…not the minus thing…

    //"You have a very beautiful name. Just like you.// Woow, best pick lines!! 😉

    Keep writing!! 🙂

  4. inner-musings says:

    I would say , first thing that struck the right cord was your name.I do admit I am in love with your your name.As you say Jokes are on you …. lines seems quite apt- " kaali ghata rimjhim runjhun aayi "

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