Weather greens and blues !!!!!

Its amazing how weather affects me. I guess it affects everyone but in different ways. But since this is my blog and besides, I am too self obsessed, so I am going to talk only about myself. 😉
A welcome change from the sweltering heat of Delhi. There is a rumbling thunderstorm since yesterday and finally it rained today. Nothing like the smell of moist ground. Went jogging in the morning and felt completely exhilarated.  Everyone seemed to be in good mood because of the weather. The birds were chirping louder, people’s gait was faster as if the cool winds had instilled in them a little bit of their own energy, and kids…well they were just being kids. Weather doesn’t seem to affect them.
But the ladies of the world always surprise me. Boy, do they love to crib. They always crib about the heat. And today they were cribbing about the sandstorm that had gotten the entire house dusty. Well, I guess ladies will be ladies after all. But then, it did get me into my ‘famous’ thinking mode (yeah…am kind of famous…locally though…:-P)
Life needs to lived. Don’t be a prison to the frugality of life. Doing what you do everyday should not bar you from enjoying the spoils that nature bestows upon us. I guess not everyone is blessed to do that. There are people whose life depends on their work. But there are the lucky few like us who have the liberty to go out and enjoy the first rain, the first monsoon. As I jogged around the compound with these thoughts, the fresh air cleared my head. I forgot all about the tensions of everyday life. Dusting and cleaning the house can wait. Life is all about living it. Not just going through it with mechanical motions. Its not a checklist where you tick mark cleaning and washing and cooking and promotions.
I know this all sounds like the movies…right?? You have read this before?? Isn’t it?
But really..this IS true. No flashes or hype or hoopla about it. This is it. Life is about the journey and not the destination. I want to be able to enjoy the journey as much as I can. At least I don’t want to be a prisoner to everyday life.
If you are bored with too much philosophy in the post, blame it on the weather guys. I am just too drunk on it. :-))

Song for the occasion: Ye lamha filhaal jee lene de…

Alvida until we meet again!

4 thoughts on “Weather greens and blues !!!!!

  1. N!V says:

    I agree..Running after big dreams, we sometimes just forget to live the tiniest beauties of life that actually constitute life..Greatly put!

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