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In today’s times, scams and scandals galore. So much so that I have become prone to the so-called Page 1 “Headlines”. They fail to invoke any kind of reaction from me. And I guess that would be the case with a lot of people. Well, how many times can you really feel and say the ‘OMGs’ and ‘Ohh Really’ and ‘How could he do this’? You do get used to all that, don’t you?

But today morning, a Page 3 news jolted me out of my wits. There had been a plane crash in my home town. “So what’s new with that?”, you would say. 12 people died. “Well, that’s not really a huge number if you take an average of the number of people who die in plane crashes”, you would again say. But there was  one person on that ill-fated plane whom I knew. A doctor, who was on duty. Who was the husband of my office colleague. The lady in question is six months pregnant and got to know about her husband’s demise. I could do nothing, except question God on the unfairness of it all. Why of all the sinners in the world he decided to take a man, who was a family person, was loyal to his work, loved his wife and kids and basically was a good human being. But there was no answer, except a deafening silence. Maybe, He does have an ulterior motive.

I met her, but had no words to console her. And I hated people for asking her to be strong. She will have to be. Does she have a choice? If I had my way, I would have asked her to cry and cry as much as possible and vent out her grief.

The everyday statistics became a numbing experience for me. I could not control my tears.
I just pray to God to give the family enough strength to bear this irreplacable loss.
And for the rest of you, do what you want to do..TODAY. You never know what’s the next moment gonna cost you..!!!

An after thought: Life is like a game of Roadies. You never know when the rules will change..!!!

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