L-O-V-E etc…

The swim was getting difficult. I was finding it hard to breathe. The waves were suffocating me. Everytime I thought that maybe the worst phase just passed, the next monstrous wave would prove me wrong. I had plunged into this ocean with the thought that I would somehow get through. But this seemed to be the beginning of my worst nightmare. I was going to drown. I had thought that I would hold your hand and we would make it. But may be we had assumed too much. It was not going to be easy. A bottomless ocean. Merciless waves. And to add to that, a storm which promised to separate us, forever. I had given up hope. But it was your perseverance that saved us. You always said that we would make it, no matter what. You swam against the tide to be with me. You did everything that you could, to reach me. We held hands again. Your optimism found my faith. And we fought THE tsunami. And slowly the stars of a fateful night began to fade, giving way to a beautiful morning which held promise. A morning which bestowed on me the luxury to be with you. Forever. Suddenly we felt something hard touch our feet. Gosh! We had touched land. We were so engrossed in fighting the tsunami that we didn’t realise that it actually forced us towards the shore. We came out of he water and sat silently looking at each other for a long time. We couldn’t believe that we had actually come out alive from the ocean of monsters. We could just thank our stars for bestowing on us the good luck to be with each other today, tommorrow and the rest of our lives….

PS: In hindsight, every obsatcle brings out something good for us. I really want to thank everyone who was, and is against us being married and together. It was only because of you guys that our faith got stronger in each other and our relationship went from being steady to rock solid. I realised how much I loved you and needed you and most importantly, how much you loved me. Nobody could have fought the tsunami that you did and the way you did. I respect you and love you with all my heart. As for the rest, may God bless you..!!!! May you all too realise someday that Love, indeed, does conquer all.

9 thoughts on “L-O-V-E etc…

  1. Rajan Madan says:

    Beautifully written!! in just a few words you have conveyed so many things.. the strength of your love, the power of having faith.. …perseverance..optimism and trust..

    Best words… "the luxury to be with you"

  2. N!V says:

    Beautiful and genuine expressions..
    God bless you my darling..And a million thanx to shash for coming into your life and making it complete..Love you both..

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