Koffee and Karan….a heady concotion….!!!!!!

Well…to start with, I just love the show “Koffee with Karan”, aired on Star Plus every Sunday 9P.M. For the people who watch only the likes of “Friends” and “How I Met your Mother”…well…you might snicker at the concept of ‘just another celebrity talk show’ and be snobbish enough to say that we have nothing edible (food for thought :-)) on Indian television… in that case, you just might want to watch the show to avoid putting your foot in the mouth later.

Bollywood’s ace film director Karan Johar dons many hats. Apart from being a director, he has his own production house,  hosts his own show as well as various other programs like award shows, beauty peagents and  even turns designer for his friends on special occasions.I am not really his hugest fan in terms of the cinema he makes, but he definitely has a way with words. The man is very articulate and witty.

But I like him the best in his own show. The kind of camaradarie that he shares with all his guests is unmatched. Though the concept is that of just-another-celebrity-interview-show, it is anything but THAT. The ambience is that of a bunch of old friends meeting after quite some time and having a chat over a cuppa and gleefully talking about past, present, future, unabashedly gossiping about common friends and lots of leg pulling. I have been fiercely following the show ever since it debuted on the small screen and have been hooked on to it since that first episode wich featured Karan’s best friends in tinseltown – SRK and Kajol. The chemistry that the trio have – they can blow life into the dead. There’s something very believable about Karan that compels people to just be themselves and say what they really think. I have watched all episodes of all the seasons and …..the re-runs as well. Ya…I am that crazy.

PS: Karan Johar doesn’t drink coffee in real life..!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Koffee and Karan….a heady concotion….!!!!!!

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  2. inner-musings says:

    Are we writing about the only show you hooked onto star plus?? What about the daily soap at 9:30 which instead of cleaning makes your mind greasy.K W K is definitely awesome show , you get to peekaboo into celebrity lives and you feek good about yourself … chuckle ….they think like me :P:P

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