God loves Drama..!!!

Pan frying sliced onions in butter. The delicious smell wafting across the kitchen is intoxicating.Noodles and taste-maker is added. Garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves. A heavenly smelling plate of instant noodles is ready. And it tastes divine. To keep me company is my laptop and an old classic movie. I love the ambiance. This is ME time.
In this fast paced life we don’t get time to do the things we love,let alone spend some time with oneself. I am also a part of this ‘fast-paced’ world. Read an article in the morning newspaper about tomorrow being the ‘Judgement Day’.Apparently, there will be a huge earthquake across the world that’s going to reset Earth’s clock. Which means we all are going to die and everything starts from the starting 😉
Now this made me think. I have not really done anything worthwhile in the (almost)25 years of my existence. I don’t even know what my purpose was or, is!!!
Why does God have to keep everything such a hush-hush secret? Why not tell us what we are here for? Won’t life be much simpler..? I mean its like an appraisal meeting in office. You don’t know what is expected of you to get a promotion. Your manager knows but he won’t tell you. What the fisshhhhhhhhh.!!!
Come to think of it. I am enjoying my ME time whereas I could very well be doing what I am supposed to do. That would help everyone. But no…HE would rather let me enjoy my time so that I rot in my guilty conscience later as to what better could I have done with my time. And we think it is us who love the drama in all those ‘K’ soaps.
HE is an artist who is creative and likes it ‘over-the-top’. He makes us what we are and then leaves us on a treasure hunt trail to figure out the logistics needed for life. I want to find all those treasures. So that one day, when I go up there, I can give him my feedback form. Until then, I am enjoying my ME time thinking about what I’d rather be doing..!!!!!

PS: See ya all soon if the Judgement is adjourned for another day…!!!! :-))


3 thoughts on “God loves Drama..!!!

  1. N!V says:

    hmm..great u got to spend some time with urself..u remember my dream to lie on the reclining chair and read a book throughout the day..alas..it dint happen :/

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