Animal Rights and Human Wrongs…!!!

Disclaimer: I have nothing personal against non-vegetarians. I sincerely believe in the policy of “To each his own”. The below thoughts are purely my personal opinion and resemblance to any human being is purely co-incidental.

Yes..I do know all the technical jargon about how we are the superior beings on this earth because we are THE HUMANS. We eat other animals because that is the way it is supposed to be. Otherwise why would we be placed at the top of the food chain? By the way…who created the food chain???

Anyways, the reason I am writing all this is that everyday while coming to office, my office bus crosses the meat market. And everyday I see chickens squealing on their way to martyrdom. And then there are the lambs. Fresh skeletons hanging everyday to entice the customers. And the world around me goes on as nonchalantly as ever as if it’s as natural as sunrise and sunset. For God’s sake that being was as alive as any of us are right now. Nobody can do anything to raise the dead but what I always wonder is how people have the heart to slaughter living beings right in front of their eyes and as if that sadistic pleasure was not enough, they eat it too.

I always wonder what would happen if one day we woke up and found out that we were no longer at the top of the food chain. How we would scamper , with foot in our mouths to escape the insatiable greed of taste of the new Super Human. And then I am sure everyone would stop and think, how the whole life would only be a matter of survival.
They would barge into our houses, kill us, capture us, roast us and fry us, whichever they please. And how we want to wipe the terrorists off the face of the earth, who do the same thing. Did someone just call us terrorists?

And later on, when the Super Humans evolve, we could be domesticated too, and made to do all the laborious work. And the wilder versions of our species would be hunted down in these urban jungles. And then a day would come when we would start becoming extinct. We would be put behind bars to protect us from the savage Super Humans.

Sounds scary..right???? Animals too are living beings like us. Please think twice before you cut them, scale them, roast them or deep fry them in oil. It hurts them as much as it hurts us. Slaughtering them to celebrate your birthday and anniversary sounds as terror some as 9/11. Have compassion for other living beings around you. It’s not as difficult to live in harmony with nature, as it is made out to be.
PS: This is a very old article of mine. Re-posting it.

5 thoughts on “Animal Rights and Human Wrongs…!!!

  1. Ghata says:

    @Niv: Hmm…agree with you to a certain extent….but i would still give the veggis a benefit because eating fruits/veggies is a matter of survival while eating non-veg is purely a matter of satisfying culinary taste buds…..

  2. N!V says:

    Hmm..true..have thought a lot about it many times..u know most of the male buffalo babies are allowed to die by separating them from their mothers coz their life is of no use to humans (so using any milk to feed them is considered waste) i guess it is as wrong to drink milk too..and what about eggs?? okay, and why do we discriminate against plants/trees in that case..we do know they live, though we don't know if they feel hurt when we rip off the fruits/veg from them..u know there is a sect of fruitarians who eat only the fruits/veg that are fallen to the ground after becoming ripe (they take no other form of food) if its bout compassion, i think we all are quite insensitive compared to them..guess where to draw the line (or how to define compassion in this case) is completely upto an individual!

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