A debate on debate.!!!

The irony of life proven yet again. I don’t like debates. Period. But here I am debating that debates are indeed, a watse of one’s time. IRONICAL to the T.
So, coming back to the point as to why I hate debates. Well, for starters, let me tell you that it’s definitely not a case of sour grapes here. I have won an odd prize or two in school for my debating skills. But that was the time when I was too young to question the concept itself. I just chose that side of the topic which had more points to back up the claim. But as I grew up, I found the entire concept a waste of time. Why should two (or even more) people waste their time and energy trying to prove that 1 side of the coin is weightier than the other. That’s absolutely hilarious and moronic at the same time..!!!!
Like people’s favorite topic for debating is Arranged marriage v/s Love Marriage. Now how can you say one is better over the other..?? Different things work for different people. Why can’t we just learn to respect other people’s opinion and choices? We have seen all permutations and combinations with that one. Successful Love Marriages and Failed Arranged Marriages. And the cliched ones as well….Successful Arranged Marriages and Failed Love Marriages. And then there are those couples who are still together, only for the heck of it, and I don’t ever intend to count them in the Successful category. And those are the cases only for one of the fav topics. There are scores of others which meet the same fate.
Also to back up any claim you need to have statistics.
Point1: The thing that is in majority might not always be right. So statistics are ruled out
Point2: If you throw statistics at me, where’s your point dude????? Isn’t it all about YOUR opinion???/
Well, whatever, but since I am so vehemently “against” (the motion) Debate, I just guess you need to be absolutely absolutely convinced of what you are saying to be able to debate. Just like I am right now. I think I just contradicted myself, or did I????? ;);) U decide…

6 thoughts on “A debate on debate.!!!

  1. inner-musings says:

    easy to sya than to do , for respecting also you need to listen and verify / testify the opinions. and thats when the debate begins.

    I rather liked your skewed theory of relativity.

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